The Challenge

Founded in Norway in 2014, Sana Pharma Medical is a Nordic pharmaceutical company with a strong commitment to improving health in a sustainable way.

Sana Pharma Medical faced the challenge of managing multiple scattered websites on different tools, which required a lot of maintenance work. These various tools also naturally limited their flexibility.

While initially focusing on CMS and website administration, Sana Pharma also aims to be prepared for seamless integration of marketing and sales functionalities when the right time comes.


The Solution

We recommended Sana Pharma Medical to invest in HubSpot as their platform of choice because it offers a dynamic and user-friendly solution that perfectly aligns with their specific needs. By implementing HubSpot, we were able to assist them with marketing automation, customer management systems, and customer service tools.

The client actively participated by specifying their requirements, customizing and configuring the platform, as well as engaging in training and user adoption. Together, we created an effective solution to enhance their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.

Paul Friberg, Digital Manager at SanaPharma Medical:
"The move to HubSpot has given us a new dimension in our digital journey. The stable, simple and easy to manage in combination with the endless possibilities around marketing and sales makes Hubspot an obvious choice for us. With Resultify as a partner, we always feel confident with a delivery of the highest class."

Now, Sana Pharma Medical can easily manage its websites, monitor performance, and create engaging content in an intuitive way. 

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The Result

Increased efficiency and flexibility are made possible thanks to the incredibly smooth and cost-effective solution, which includes hosting and SSL certificates as standard and at the same time delivers high performance.

Key Success Factors

To achieve Sana Pharma Medical's goals, we implemented a number of key features:
  • We created several new websites in the HubSpot CMS to provide a user-friendly and attractive online presence.
  • Implementing HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub provided us with a powerful toolset for managing customer relationships and implementing targeted marketing.
  • We took it a step further by using HubSpot Workflows to automate marketing processes and ensure efficient communication flows.

These actions have helped to achieve Sana Pharma Medical's goals and create a more effective and automated marketing strategy.

Lisa Welander, Project Manager at Resultify:
"The collaboration with this customer was a pure joy. The customer's enthusiasm and openness made communication smooth and efficient. Together, we made quick decisions and drove the project forward.

The result is an easy-to-understand and intuitive website. We focused on simplicity and ease of use to quickly deliver the desired information to visitors. Our close-knit team of developers and designers turned ideas into action and delivered the website to the client."

Now, Sana Pharma Medical can easily manage its websites, monitor performance, and create engaging content in an intuitive way. Thanks to HubSpot's flexibility, they can customize and optimize their websites according to specific marketing needs without having to juggle different tools.

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Robert Bråkenhielm

"HubSpot is a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their marketing and sales strategies."
Robert Bråkenhielm,  CEO/Founder Resultify