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Sales Software to eliminate friction at every step

Sales Hub software includes everything you need for sales productivity and optimisation on a single platform. It facilitates lead generation and tracking, easy-to-use sales automation, and allows for lead scoring to understand how each area of your sales cycle is performing:

Rather than using multiple tools to accomplish each of these tasks separately, HubSpot’s sales software enables teams to do all their work under one roof. Save time and energy by using a single tool, rather than splitting up your team’s energy across multiple platforms.




Sales Hub Resources
  • Sales Hub Enterprise and Custom Object
  • Getting started with custom objects
  • Example use-cases for custom objects

Migration & Onboarding Resources:
  • Sales Hub Certified Partners
  • Salesforce to HubSpot
  • Guide to successful migration

  • Sales Hub Enterprise page 
  • Sales tools and Mobile app
  • Sales productivity analytics
User Guide: Get Started with Sales Hub

HubSpot sales tools allow sales reps to easily manage and complete their daily tasks. You can also streamline and centralise your sales communications:

  • Complete tasks and track deals
  • Send sales emails
  • Book meetings on your calendar
  • Set up an inbox for sales inquiries 
  • Set up a live chat or bot to connect leads with your sales team
  • Monitor lead activity and engagement
  • Analyse sales 
Expand Services with Sales Hub

When you help clients align their sales and marketing teams, you’re able to prove ROI for the services you offer, help clients grow their revenue faster, and enable future investment in marketing programs.

It provides a range of tools and features designed to help sales teams manage and track their sales pipelines, communicate with leads and customers, and close deals more efficiently.

Some of the key features of HubSpot Sales Hub include:

  • Lead capture and management: Sales Hub allows businesses to capture leads from a variety of sources, including web forms, email, and social media. It also provides tools for organizing and segmenting leads, so sales teams can prioritize and follow up with the most promising prospects.
  • Sales forecasting: Sales Hub includes forecasting tools that help sales teams predict their future performance based on current and past data. This can help teams set realistic goals and stay on track to meet them.
  • Email tracking and automation: Sales Hub includes tools for tracking and automating email outreach to leads and customers. This can help sales teams save time and improve their communication with prospects.
  • Lead scoring: Sales Hub includes lead scoring tools that help sales teams prioritize their efforts by assigning a score to each lead based on factors such as their activity and engagement with the company.
  • Collaboration: Sales Hub includes collaboration tools that help sales teams work together more effectively, including shared calendars, task management, and document storage.

Plus, the HubSpot Growth Suite makes it easy to work sales services into your agency’s existing strategy.

Explore _ Map-1
CRM Implementation
  • Define deal stages and custom fields
  • Initial CRM data migration
  • Lead routing and ongoing audits
  • CRM data - ongoing cleanup
  • Build custom views for reps
  • Build custom reports for managers
  • Build custom objects/fields
Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Buyer profile creation
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Define MQL/SQLs
  • Define lead stages
  • Define SLAs and reporting
  • Develop a content plan
  • Establish feedback mechanism
Template Pack-1
Sales Enablement
  • Set up conversations tool
  • Set up calling tool
  • Set up workflows and automation
  • Email template creation and optimisation
  • Sequence creation and optimisation
  • Sales document library build out
  • Case study creation
  • Prospecting automation with 'meetings' link
  • Prospecting support
NPS Question-1
Sales Coaching
  • Sales rep coaching
  • Sales rep sales training
  • Sales leadership training
  • Create sales playbooks
  • General sales management activities
  • Sourcing and interviewing candidates
  • New hire onboarding
  • Exit interviews

Customer Fit:

Sales Hub is a great fit for companies with 10-2,000 employees that want to grow better in the new age of personal selling. The ideal customer is not heavily invested in a CRM.
Sales Hub eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team will love. Now you’re free to focus on what really matters: your customers.

flywheel-animated (1)

Fighting Friction in the Flywheel

A successful inbound strategy requires seamless handoff and alignment between marketing and sales. It also relies on the momentum of happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales.

The amount of momentum you have depends on two things: force (points of leverage) and friction (things that are holding you back).

As a HubSpot Certified Partner, we are uniquely positioned to help your team reduce friction in your sales process  - and we’ve developed a framework to help you do just that.

HubSpot Sales Hub Services

Sales Hub includes a full suite of tools that save your clients time at every stage of the sales process. Below are the tools and features that enable you to deliver sales services.


What are popular sales software features?

  • Beautiful, professional-looking email templates
  • Tracking and analytics to understand the efficacy of your sales team’s work
  • Document tracking to more easily generate purchase orders and sales collateral
  • Call tracking and recording
  • Contact management to keep your sales contacts organised within your CRM

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